Crater Lake Lodge

Crater Lake, Oregon

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Crater Lake National Park
570 Rim Village Drive
Crater Lake, Oregon


(866) 292-6720


The Crater Lake Lodge in Oregon holds a rich history intertwined with the formation of Crater Lake itself, a caldera lake within Crater Lake National Park. The lodge was constructed in 1915 and 1916, and was designed to complement the natural beauty of its surroundings while offering visitors a comfortable retreat to experience the wonders of Crater Lake. The lodge’s architecture reflects the rustic style popular in national park lodges during the early 20th century, with its heavy timber construction and panoramic views of the lake.

Over the years, Crater Lake Lodge has undergone several renovations and changes in ownership. In the mid-20th century, the lodge faced threats of closure and deterioration, but efforts were made to preserve and restore this historic landmark. In the 1980s, extensive renovations were carried out to bring the lodge up to modern standards while maintaining its historic charm. Today, the Crater Lake Lodge stands as a testament to the enduring allure of Crater Lake National Park and continues to welcome visitors who seek a unique and immersive experience in this natural wonder.

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Haunted History

The Crater Lake Lodge reportedly has a few spirits that have hung around throughout the years. Built in 1915, it sits on Crater Lake — a large Oregon lake that is itself reportedly haunted.

According to, guests have reported night terrors that prevent them from sleeping, the spirit of a girl walking the halls, and the spirit of a Chinese man haunting the elevators.

Crater Lake itself reportedly is cursed, and has a number of spirits as well, including the Old Man of the lake, the spirits of Wizard Island, and many Native American stories of hauntings over the years. There have also been reports of everything from Bigfoot to UFOs to a lake monster.


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