The Don CeSar Hotel

St. Pete Beach, Florida

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Year Built



3400 Gulf Blvd.
St. Pete Beach, FL 33706


(844) 959-0071


The Don CeSar Hotel, often referred to as the “Pink Palace,” is a luxury hotel located in St. Pete Beach, Florida. It was built in 1928 by Thomas Rowe, who was inspired by the character Don CeSar from the opera “Maritana.” During World War II, the Don CeSar was repurposed as a military hospital, and it fell into disrepair in the post-war years. However, it was eventually restored to its former glory and has since regained its status as a premier destination for vacationers.

Today, the Don CeSar Hotel remains a renowned fixture on Florida’s Gulf Coast, offering guests a blend of historic charm and modern amenities. Its history is rich with tales of glamorous events, famous visitors, and enduring elegance, making it a beloved institution in the world of luxury hospitality.

Haunted History

The Don CeSar Hotel, with its storied history, has also been the subject of various ghostly legends and claims of paranormal activity. Some guests and staff have reported eerie encounters and strange occurrences within the Pink Palace.

One of the most famous ghostly inhabitants is believed to be that of Thomas Rowe, the hotel’s original owner. Legend has it that after Rowe’s death in 1940, he promised to return to the hotel to watch over it and his beloved guests. Guests have claimed to see his apparition in various parts of the hotel, sometimes dressed in vintage clothing. There have been reports of unexplained cold spots, flickering lights, and items moving on their own.

Another popular ghostly tale is associated with a phantom chambermaid named “Miss Leonore.” She’s said to roam the fifth floor of the hotel, tidying up rooms and occasionally startling guests by her unexpected appearances. Some have also reported hearing mysterious laughter and footsteps in empty hallways.

These stories contribute to the hotel’s charm and provide an interesting layer to its history, making it a destination not only for luxury and relaxation but also for those interested in the paranormal.



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