Jekyll Island Club Resort

Jekyll Island, Georgia

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Year Built



371 Riverview Dr
Jekyll Island, GA 31527


(912) 319-4349


The Jekyll Island Club Resort was established in the late 19th century as an exclusive retreat for America’s wealthiest families, including the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, and Morgans. In the 1880s, a group of prominent millionaires, seeking a winter escape, purchased Jekyll Island and formed the Jekyll Island Club.

The Jekyll Island Club Resort flourished during the Gilded Age, with members enjoying luxurious amenities and recreational activities such as golf, tennis, and hunting. According to, the Federal Reserve System was also conceived during a secret meeting at the club in 1910. Over the years, economic and social changes led to the decline of the club, and it eventually closed in 1942. In the mid-20th century, the historic buildings were restored.

Haunted History

The Jekyll Island Club Resort has a reputation for being haunted, with several ghostly tales and legends associated with the historic property. One of the most famous ghost stories involves a former club member named Sam. According to the legend, Sam was deeply in love with a woman who visited the club, but their love was forbidden. Heartbroken, Sam took his own life, and it’s said that his spirit still lingers in the hotel, particularly in the turret room where he is believed to have stayed. Guests have reported hearing disembodied voices and footsteps in this room, and some claim to have seen Sam’s apparition.

Another ghostly figure said to haunt the Jekyll Island Club Resort is a woman in a white gown. She is often seen walking the grand staircase or in the gardens. While her identity remains a mystery, her presence has given rise to various speculations and eerie encounters.

Additionally, there have been reports of other unexplained phenomena, such as doors opening and closing by themselves, lights flickering, and items moving on their own.



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