Jerome Grand Hotel

Jerome, Arizona

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200 Hill St.
Jerome, AZ 86331


(928) 634-8200


The Jerome Grand Hotel, located in Jerome, Arizona, was built as the United Verde Hospital in 1927, it served the mining community in the area during a time when Jerome was a booming copper mining town. The hospital operated for several decades, witnessing the highs and lows of the mining industry and the town’s economic fortunes. It gained a reputation for having state-of-the-art medical facilities and was considered one of the best-equipped hospitals in the state.

In 1950, the mining industry declined, and the hospital eventually closed its doors in 1950. The building remained abandoned for many years until it was purchased and renovated in the 1990s to become the Jerome Grand Hotel. The hotel retained much of its historic charm and architectural features, offering guests a unique opportunity to experience a blend of history and modern comforts. The Jerome Grand Hotel is also known for its paranormal activity, attracting visitors interested in ghostly encounters due to its past as a hospital.

Haunted History

The haunted history of the Jerome Grand Hotel is closely tied to its past as the United Verde Hospital. The hospital operated from 1927 to 1950, and during that time, it witnessed numerous deaths, surgeries, and medical procedures. The building’s history as a hospital has led to persistent claims of paranormal activity, making the Jerome Grand Hotel a popular destination for ghost hunters and enthusiasts.

Reports of ghostly encounters include sightings of apparitions, unexplained sounds, and inexplicable movements of objects. Some guests have reported hearing footsteps, voices, and even the sounds of medical equipment, suggesting a lingering energy from the hospital’s past. The hotel staff and visitors have shared experiences of encounters with spirits, and the Jerome Grand Hotel has been featured in various paranormal investigations and television shows.

While the hotel embraces its haunted reputation, it’s important to note that personal experiences with the paranormal are subjective, and beliefs in ghosts and hauntings vary. The haunted history of the Jerome Grand Hotel adds to its allure, attracting those seeking a unique and potentially supernatural lodging experience.


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