La Fonda on the Plaza

Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Year Built



100 E San Francisco Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501


(505) 982-5511


La Fonda on the Plaza is an iconic hotel that has played a significant role in the rich history of Santa Fe.

La Fonda on the Plaza was originally an inn (and many different inns over the years) that was built in the early 1600s. It has been serving as an important stop along the Santa Fe Trail for Spanish settlers, traders, and Native Americans. Its historical roots go back to the Spanish colonial era.

In the 1920s, the hotel became a destination for tourists, celebrities, and artists due to its unique Southwestern charm.

Haunted History

La Fonda on the Plaza is not only renowned for its rich history but also for its reputation as a haunted hotel. Here are some of the reported ghostly encounters and the haunted history of La Fonda:

Room 310: Room 310 at La Fonda is perhaps the most famous in terms of paranormal activity. Guests have reported unexplained temperature drops, strange sounds, and even the sensation of someone sitting on the bed when no one is there. Some believe that the spirit of a former salesman who died in the room still lingers.

The Ghost Bride: One of the most well-known stories involves the ghost of a bride who allegedly died in a fall from the hotel’s rooftop. Guests have claimed to see a woman in a wedding gown wandering the hallways or looking out of windows, particularly on the third floor.

The Territorial Governor: There have been sightings of a spectral figure resembling a man in 19th-century clothing believed to be the ghost of a former territorial governor. He’s often seen in the hotel’s lobby or wandering the hallways.

Ghostly Children: Some guests have reported hearing the laughter of children in the hallways late at night, even though no children were staying in the hotel at the time.

Restless Spirits: The historic nature of La Fonda, with its centuries of human history, has led to numerous reports of paranormal activity throughout the hotel, from flickering lights to doors opening and closing on their own.

While the ghostly encounters at La Fonda on the Plaza are not guaranteed, they add an extra layer of intrigue to this historic hotel. Many believe that the spirits of the past still wander the hallways, making it a destination not only for those interested in history but also for those seeking a ghostly experience in the heart of Santa Fe.



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