1889 McInteer Villa

Atchison, Kansas

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Year Built



1301 Kansas Ave.
Atchison, Kansas


(785) 218-5824


In 1889-1890, local businessman John McInteer commissioned the construction of the McInteer Villa at an estimated cost of $14,000. Many families called the villa home over the years, including the McInteers and John McInteer’s second wife’s family.

For 25 years, the villa operated as a rooming house but fell into disrepair before being sold in 1969 and rehabilitated.

Haunted History

There are many strange occurrences that have been reported over the years at the McInteer Villa, including lights flickering on and off despite the absence of electricity. Apparitions have been glimpsed in windows when the premises are supposed to be unoccupied. Mysterious events include a speaker being thrown off the counter, boxes moving inexplicably, and the rocking chair associated with “Goldie’s” passing swaying on its own. Throughout the night, echoes of slamming doors and footsteps on the second-floor hallway have unsettled visitors who claim to feel an eerie sensation of being watched.

The second floor seems particularly prone to paranormal activity, with reported incidents of items being mysteriously relocated, creaks from turning doorknobs, and erratic changes in temperature. Distinct voices, including a female’s and a recently heard male voice in multiple second-floor rooms, contribute to the unsettling atmosphere. The door to one sitting room opens autonomously, and witnesses have described encountering a shadowy figure.

There have also been numerous accounts of the lingering scent of powdery women’s perfume and hints of cigarette smoke. Shadows on the second floor have taken various forms, including one with glowing eyes and another as large as the entire door frame leading into the children’s room.

Ghost Tours & Paranormal Investigations

The McInteer Villa is not a normal hotel — they are available for nightly rentals for groups to do ghost tours, paranormal investigations, or regular overnight stays.

They also conduct their own ghost tours.

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