McMenamins Crystal Hotel

Portland, Oregon

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Year Built



303 SW 12th Ave.
Portland, Oregon


(503) 972-2670


McMenamins Crystal Hotel in Portland, Oregon is located in the Pearl District of the city. Built in 1911, the flatiron building has 51 guest rooms.

The Crystal Hotel is on the National Register of Historic Places.

McMenamins also has a subterranean saltwater soaking pool and is only a block away from the Crystal Ballroom, a popular Portland music venue. Located within the hotel is a smaller music venue, Al’s Den, named for Al Winter, “Portland’s gambling overlord.”

Haunted History

McMenamins locations across the Pacific Northwest are all built in old buildings: school buildings, bars, venues, and more. McMenamins Crystal Hotel is no different, and its history continues to stick around the location.

Al’s Den, a music venue within the hotel, was named for Al Winter, the leader of a 1940s gambling empire that stretched from Portland to Las Vegas.

There are significant reports of hauntings at the Crystal Ballroom, but it appears some of those spirits have stayed at the McMenamins Crystal Hotel as well. There have been reports of orbs floating in the rooms at night. Others have seen strange apparitions in both the rooms and bar downstairs.

According to “Notable spirits said to haunt the premises include a former caretaker, a musician, and a woman in white, each leaving their otherworldly imprints on the hotel, providing visitors with an eerie and unforgettable experience.”

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Room 212 is super haunted

Spent the night here for a bachelorette party, room 212. My daughter was in the shower, no one else was around and the bathroom for opened and slammed shut, she thought it was one of us, but we were down in the soaking pool, she was alone. Also had nightmares about people that died in the hotel all night; which is not normal for me. Man with tattoos was shot, and a baby he takes care of that was shaken to death

April 21, 2024
Haunted Hotels, McMenamins Crystal Hotel

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