Pfister Hotel

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Year Built



424 E Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


(414) 273-8222


The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has a rich history dating back to its opening in 1893. Established by businessman Guido Pfister and his son Charles, the hotel was envisioned as a grand and luxurious accommodation that would cater to Milwaukee’s growing elite.

The Pfister Hotel has undergone various renovations to preserve its historic charm while adapting to modern standards. Over the decades, it has maintained its status as one of Milwaukee’s premier hotels, attracting guests with its combination of elegant architecture, luxurious amenities, and a commitment to the arts.

Haunted History

The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee is often associated with ghost stories and paranormal experiences, contributing to its reputation as a haunted hotel. One notable tale involves the spirit of Charles Pfister, one of the hotel’s original owners. According to local legends and reported encounters, Charles Pfister’s ghost is said to linger in the hotel, occasionally making his presence known to guests and staff. Some claim to have experienced unexplained phenomena, such as flickering lights and unusual sounds, attributing these occurrences to the lingering spirit of Charles Pfister.

Another paranormal story centers around the 9th floor of the Pfister, where guests have reported ghostly encounters and eerie experiences. The most famous tale involves the apparition of a woman in Victorian clothing who is sometimes seen wandering the halls. Some guests have reported feeling a mysterious presence or encountering unexplained phenomena in their rooms on this floor.

These ghostly legends have contributed to the Pfister Hotel’s reputation as one of the most haunted places in Milwaukee. 



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