The Franklin Hotel

Deadwood, South Dakota

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Year Built



709 Main St.
Deadwood, South Dakota


(605) 578-3670


The Franklin Hotel in Deadwood, South Dakota was built in 1903. It was initially constructed to cater to the booming mining community that characterized Deadwood during the Gold Rush.

The hotel played a significant role in providing accommodation and hospitality services to the influx of prospectors and settlers drawn to the area in search of fortune. Over the years, the Franklin Hotel witnessed the transformation of Deadwood from a rough-and-tumble frontier town into a more established community, contributing to the town’s growth and development.

Famous guests over the years have included Teddy Roosevelt, Babe Ruth, and John Wayne.

Haunted History

There are reportedly a number of spirits who still live at The Franklin Hotel in Deadwood, South Dakota.

A male ghost who is reportedly the hotel’s founder, Harris Franklin, has been seen dressed in clothing from the early 20th century. This spirit has been seen watching staff and guests, with a personal attention focused on cleaning staff.

Others have heard footsteps when no one is near, or the feeling of being watched.


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