The Green Park Inn Hotel

Blowing Rock, North Carolina

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9239 Valley Blvd.
Blowing Rock, North Carolina


(828) 414-9230


The Green Park Inn in Blowing Rock, North Carolina has a rich history dating back to its opening in 1891. Originally known as the Watauga Hotel, the hotel quickly became a popular destination for visitors seeking the cool mountain air and scenic beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In 1899, the hotel was renamed the Green Park Hotel, and later, in 1918, it became the Green Park Inn. The inn gained fame for hosting notable guests, including Presidents Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover.

During its long history, the Green Park Inn has undergone several renovations and changes of ownership. In the early 20th century, it was renovated in the Tudor Revival style, giving it the distinctive architecture that remains today. The inn played a role in the development of Blowing Rock as a tourist destination, contributing to the town’s growth and appeal. Today, the Green Park Inn stands as one of the last remaining grand hotels from the late 19th century in western North Carolina, maintaining its historic charm and welcoming guests from around the world.

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Haunted History

The Green Park Inn is rumored to have a haunted history that adds to its allure. One of the most well-known ghost stories associated with the inn involves the spirit of Laura Green, the daughter of the original owner. According to local legends, Laura fell in love with a man her father disapproved of. In a tragic turn of events, the young man died under mysterious circumstances, and it is said that Laura’s spirit lingers in the inn, perhaps searching for her lost love. Guests and staff have reported encounters with paranormal activity, including unexplained noises and sightings, further fueling the reputation of the Green Park Inn as a haunted destination.

Visitors have reported experiences such as doors mysteriously opening and closing, strange sounds, and sightings of apparitions. Some claim to have seen a lady in a flowing gown, believed to be Laura Green herself. The haunted history of the Green Park Inn adds an intriguing layer to its already rich narrative, attracting paranormal enthusiasts and curious guests alike.

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